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The Furryfantastic Series One!

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What is the Furryfantastic Series One, you may ask?

A captivating collection of original anthropomorphic characters on card-like portrait illustrations. They were created and designed by me.

I'm initially featuring 10 original characters and selling 1000 copies of each. As demands get higher, more cards shall be added into the collection.

**Each card you'll get:**
- 5120x7680px .png files (Complete and Raw)
- 500x500px .png avatar
- 50x50px .png avatar
- Opportunity to participate in a blind art raffle, where I'll choose one lucky winner between the purchasers to get an exclusive original artwork from me as a special card. 
- You can also earn back by reselling them just like any other common NFTs.

My goal with this collection project is to get a better computer

and equipments for art, animation and 3D, bringing more

content for you. As well as learning more about NFTs.


Thank you!

God bless everyone!



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